F-Handling Space-Delimited Lists

3/13/2010 Update:  To view stocks from the Persistence UP and DOWN lists online and very quickly, follow these instructions.

I tend to make my computer-generated lists of stock symbols available in the form of space-delimited text, both in this blog and using  Many traders may want to copy these symbols into their charting software.  Here is a relatively simply way to do that.  These instructions are designed for Excel 2003 and before.  Excel 2007 is quite similar.  If you have an easier way, I would like to publish it on this blog.  (Of course, it is also possible to write a VBA macro to do this, but not until you understand it…)

Drag your mouse through the stock symbols and copy them to the Windows Clipboard, using control-c.

In Excel, insert a new worksheet, using the Insert menu.

Paste the symbols into the top, left cell using control-v.  You will normally see all the symbols pasted into that one cell.  However, on occasion, Excel will spread them into the cells to the right, one symbol at a time.

If Excel, pastes them all into the top, left cell, you would like to spread them into the adjacent cells to the right.  Excel has the perfect the tool to do that:  In the Data menu, choose Text to Columns.  Of course this only works if there are 256 or fewer symbols in the list, which is generally the case (always, so far).

Select the top, left cell and start the Text To Columns tool.  Check Delimited and hit Next.  Then, since the list contains space characters between the symbols, check Space and check Treat consecutive delimiters as one.  Hit Finish.

The symbols should be spread out to the right, one symbol per cell.

Select all these symbols and hit control-c to copy them to the Windows Clipboard.

In the next paragraph, you are going to paste them somewhere else.  Move the cursor to an empty cell.  I suggest the cell in row 2 column 1.

Then, using the Edit menu, invoke Paste Special and check Transpose, at the bottom.

Excel will copy those symbols into one column, starting where you put the cursor, and will conveniently leave them selected.

Now, do what you need to do to copy those symbols into your charting software.  Hitting control-c to copy them to the Windows Clipboard, as before, might allow you to paste them directly into your software.  Or you might need to create a file.

Hope this helps.


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  3. If anyone is using TOS, you can simply highlight these lists, copy to clipboard, then on a TOS stocklist, click on Import, highlight “paste from clipboard” and hit ok and everything is on your stock list. No need to go to Excel.

    Comment by Jason — 06/21/2010 @ 12:29 pm

  4. Thank you so much for the reality check every day on Stock Twits!

    Comment by bigtboomboom — 05/04/2011 @ 11:18 am

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