Test of a Perfect Entry

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$SPX has been in a clear uptrend since August, but has recently left traders wary of a selloff. Today, 1/5/2011, started with US Dollar Index strength which led to initial weakness in $SPX. In my view, longs were waiting at 1269 and shorts were waiting below 1266, in rough terms, and I tweeted as such.

A breakout above 1269 occurred first, and it received minor follow through. Then, what I call a “Test of the Perfect Entry” occurred when price came back to that entry point just below 1269. This is common, and it’s an ideal spot to add to an entry. I will typically add 25% if I got all the size I originally wanted. I will add more if I didn’t. It’s important that I’m not adding with a resting, limit order; I am adding upon evidence that price won’t plunge through the original “perfect entry” point just under 1269.

Risk is tight and also time-based. Today’s example is nearly ideal; the test is very brief, otherwise, the edge is gone.


New “Edge” Blog

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Starting 2011, I will be blogging frequently.  The purpose of the blog is to quickly describe market reads and trade opportunties I see and why… edge, edge edge.  A secondary purpose is to share the chart-reading techniques I’ve come to favor, plus psychology-reads, both in real time and in hindsight.  You will find philosophies and nuances that you may not find elsewhere.  This blog will not become a log of my trades, nor will it be a source to learn about conventional market wisdom or charting.  If you’re looking for an “edge flurry,” and you plan your own trades, and you know what it means to enter strong trends, you might belong here.  As with my Persistence UP and DOWN Lists, this blog will benefit self-sufficient traders more than it will those who need help picking and planning their trades.

Posts will nearly always be brief, as I am a trader, not an educator, and time and personal energy are my most precious commodities.

Unlike nearly all traders on twitter, I post all the detail I have for a trade at the time I tweet/blog the edge.  If I intend to stalk a stock, which is often the case, don’t expect precise trade parameters.

I love “new-ness” in all forms, and this blog will be full of it.  After >3 years of using the Persistence UP and DOWN Lists, or closely related screens, my preparation has evolved towards nearly exclusive use of those lists, but not in conventional or obvious ways.  I will share how I use them, and I will also make available some tools and additional screens that aid in forming pretty good prep for a trend-oriented stock trader.  Most trade times will be 1-3 days, but some will extend.

Follow @daytrend on twitter and StockTwits, as all posts will be announced.

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